Doggy Daycare by Dogwalks Deluxe

There’s all sorts of situations when you can’t give attention to your dog as much as you would like. Long working hours, small children, an injury.

Whatever the reason, rest assured that your dog is in excellent hands at Doggy Daycare! Our facility offers high quality daycare ensuring a fit, relaxed and happy dog at the end of your workday!

Doggy Daycare by Dogwalks Deluxe is:


with continuous supervision and a fully fenced play area.


your dog is part of a group of other dogs and some experienced humans.

Always available

with extensive opening hours and several pick-up and drop-of options


on a location near the Amsterdam ring road A10.

Are you considering taking your dog to our daycare, but still have some questions? Please don’t hesitate to call or send an e-mail.

When your dog spends a day at Doggy Daycare, you know he will have a fun, safe and instructive day.

That has everything to do with our play area:
– A 14.000 square meter field
– Fully fenced and well cared for
– Equipped with exciting toys, food and water
– With a warm shelter on rainy days

And especially with the way we work:

– Continuous supervision by a trusted and experienced staff member
– Special care for younger and older dogs
– Varied activities that challenge your dog physically and mentally

Are you curious about our facility? You and your dog are more than welcome at this address.

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